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The Cycle Wellness Centre

Helping you to discover the best and most supportive products for your menstrual cycle

A Period care upgrade.

Menstrual cups are designed to be reused for years, cutting down on waste and making them super sustainable. They also help to support you during your period making it super easy. With 12 hours of safe protection, they make your period as worry-free as possible. There are so many options out there, let’s talk through some of my favourites.

Is A Menstrual Cup Right for me?

Menstrual cups are big news, claiming to be the best period care option out there. Long-lasting, comfortable, and great for all-day protection. But how do you know if it’s the right option for you?

No Toxins

Made from 100% FDA-approved medical-grade silicone. No toxins, Parabens, BPA, or latex.

No Waste

Reusable, Eco- friendly and sustainable. Lasting for years. Better for you and better for the environment.

No Worries

No leaks, no worries. Up to 12 hours wear, night and day. 

Time to ditch the disposables??

Did you know An individual uses 11,000 disposable period products in a lifetime. 200,000 tonnes of that ends up in landfill and on our beaches each year!!!

Ready for a sustainable period?

Top Tips for learning to use a Menstrual cup

Learning to use a menstrual cup is a journey, it can take a couple of cycles to get the hang of it. Here are my top tips for making your menstrual cup journey a smooth and positive experience.

Tempted to try a menstrual cup but feeling too WORRIED or NERVOUS?

Let me put your mind at ease by answering all the big scary questions and which cups are perfect for beginners.

Hi I’m Maria

My mission is to inspire and support people to embrace their cycles. To feel deserving of a period that doesn’t hold them back or impact their lives in a negative way. As the founder of Sea and Flo and as a counsellor I’m really passionate about people‚Äôs mental health and emotional wellbeing. I feel that by giving ourselves the love we all deserve, we can also find space and love to make decisions that have positive impacts on the environment and other people.
I really care about the impact disposable menstrual products have on our environment and our bodies.
My hope is this site helps you to find a period care option that is positive and liberating but most importantly, right for you.